At CORTE, training programs are available for both doctoral and masters level clinicians and provide a robust clinical training opportunity for future mental health professionals in the field of forensic psychology.  The experience gained will prepare clinicians for the psycholegal nature of forensic practice as well as to provide specialized training opportunities in areas such as sex offender specific treatment, court testimony and evaluations and/or Batterers Intervention.  

Clinicians who complete the program will have refined diagnostic and clinical skills in working with highly resistant populations diagnosed with major mental illness and personality pathology and comfortability in navigating court-ordered psychological services.  In addition to specialized training in the field of forensic psychology, the program strives to provide direct experience in the many roles of a professional psychologist or therapist (i.e., administrative, case management, treatment planning, consultation, etc.), to refine integrative report-writing skills for both private and legal settings and to provide a training environment that is conducive to the development of competent, professional clinicians.  

The program offers a unique and intensive experience during which clinicians become proficient in the understanding and use of psychodynamic psychotherapy in conjunction with treatment that is integrative and multi-faceted.  The goal of therapeutic services is to address underlying areas of distress, dismantle maladaptive patterns and improve day-to-day functioning in order to foster and maintain long-term emotional, cognitive and behavioral changes.